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Monsoon is a tropical phenomenon. The Indian subcontinent, lying northwards of the equator up to the Himalayas and Hindukush lies primarily in the tropical zone of the Northern Hemisphere. It involves winds blowing from the south-west direction (known as South-West Monsoon) from the Indian Ocean onto the Indian landmass during the months of June through September. These are generally rain-bearing winds, blowing from sea to land, and bring rains to most parts of the subcontinent. They split into two branches, the Arabian Sea Branch and the Bay of Bengal Branch near the southernmost end of the Indian Peninsula. They are eagerly awaited in most parts of India for their agricultural and economic importance.

As nature recoups with the rains, it is rejuvenation time for humans too. According to Ayurveda, Monsoon is the best season for rejuvenation therapies. During the Monsoon season, the atmosphere remains dust-free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.
Ayurvedic treatments are available for budget travellers and patients in the various clinics located nearby. Coupled with diet food and relaxation, they can give relief from various bodily ailments and lifestyle diseases and rid our system of toxic residues, which may have accumulated over a long time: (Please refer to the ‘Testimonials’ page.)

MONSOON FOOD PREPARATIONS:  These are usually taken during night, since they require bodily rest for proper digestion and assimilation into the body. It is not a 'cure for all ailments, but a digestive tonic to streamline the multifunctional body system. Some sample preparations are given below; both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, but should not be taken together. For maximum effect they should be taken at varying intervals; between one to two days apart.
1. Herbal Rice Porridge (Njavara Kanji).
2. Boiled Rice /Chappathis with chicken/ mutton curry, laced with spices, herbs and ghee.

3. Mutton/ Chicken/Vegetable Soup; laced with spices & herbs.


As the name suggests, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts are grown here organically, without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We are also purchasing certified organic products from other retail outlets which are nearby. In addition to this, all ingredients which are sourced from outside are detoxified and washed thoroughly before use.

Thus we are able to provide good quality food items at reasonable rates.

There is a large waste treatment plant to produce Bio-gas; being used as fuel.

The slurry is used as organic manure for the trees and plants being grown here.

The cooking oil being used is refined sunflower oil.

Trans-fats and hydrogenated oils are not used and so also cooking oils are not reused.

We have two dining halls to serve food; on the first  and second floors, where the guests stay: (Please see the picture above). It can also be served in the dining hall adjacend to the common kitchen if the number of guests are large and if they prefer it.

Given below are Breakfast foods and other items, which are prepared by us.

BREAKFAST: (8 A.M TO 10 A.M): (Rs 60/-per person).

1. Appam with Vegetable / Egg curry, plantain & Tea.

2. Rice/ Wheat/Ragi/Njavara rice Puttu with Bengal gram Curry, plantain &Tea.

3. Plain/ Njavara rice Idly with Sambar, Chutney, plantain & Tea.

4. Bread toast with Omelet, plantain & Tea.

5. Poori with Masala, plantain & Tea

BUDGET DINNER: (8-10 P.M): (For Guests who come for short stay, if ordered regularly & for Groups who book in advance: (Rs. 60/- person):

1. Veg Meals wth Rice (Sona Mussouri/ Ponni/ Surekha), Sambar/ Pulissery/ Buttermilk; vegetable thoran, pappad & pickle.

2. Kanji (Rice porridge with Organic Matta rice) with green gram thoran; moloshyam, pappad & picke.

3. Chappathis with Vegetable Stew/ Egg curry & tea.


 We can supply homely prepared breakfast & dinner @ moderate rates for those who stay here and for those who order in advance. Quality of ingredients shall be maintained and the cooking shall be carried out according to the customers' specifications based upon an agreed menu and the prices shall varry accordingly. Given beow are some items which are usually prepared here during monsoon season for guests who come here for short stay in connection with Ayurvadic treatments, sports, sightseeing etc. The details and images of these items are given below and the customers are requested to contact us directly for more details:

1. Herbal Rice Porridge (Marunnu Kanji), laced with herbs & spices.

2. Mutto/ chicken/ Vegetable Soup, laced with herbs & spices.

3. Bread/ Appam/ Chappathi/ with Chicken/ Vegetable stew, laced with spices & herbs.

4. Boiled rice/ Chappthis with mutton/ chicken/ liver chops prepred in ghee & seasme oil and laced with herbs and spices.

5. Fennugreek/ Cumin Porridge (Kanji) & Njavara payasm.