We see the face of God in all our guests and treat them with equanimity, irrespective of their race, nationality, religion, or social standing. Our homestay is nestled within an organic farm and hence offers peace, privacy and relaxation to our guests. Though situated amidst a bustling city, we strive to preserve and maintain a natural environment, studded with coconut and arecanut palms, banana plants and fruit trees.

We welcome customers who wish to stay in a Homely Environment; either as Single or with Family or in Groups without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere here; on a daily/ short term basis for a variety of reasons and we shall try to help them as much as possible.


Due to increasing risks being associated with terrorist activities all around the world, we have been advised by the police authorities to ascertain and verify the authenticity of the guests and the purpose of their stay here.

Having been educated with a military backgground at Sainik School Trivandrum and the Natonal Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, the owner feels that the prime responsibility to maintain the security of this homestay falls upon us and we prefer to have all relevant information regarding our guests before their arrival, to ensure maximum security and a pleasant stay here.

Though our homestay is situated in a large compound, it is fully secure, with six feet wall all around it. In addition we have two watch dogs. They  are  very vigilant especially during night and they are trained to detect and to bring to our attention any suspicious movement both within the compound and its periphery as well. Since we are staying with family in the same building on the ground floor, all necessary help and assistance are provided as and when needed.



EIGHT, LARGE, SPACIOUS, MULTISIZE AIR CONDITIONED Rooms arranged as per customers' requirements, and two Central Halls for Conference/ Dining/ Get-together. Altogether we have comfortable accommodation for Forty to fifty persons. While the rooms on the first floor are deluxe a/c rooms, the rooms on the second floor are of budget categoty. Except for families, seperate accommodation is provided for gents/ ladies

ROOMS: All rooms are equipped with single/double cots, writing tables, chairs, cupboards and cable TVs. Toilet articles like soaps, towels and tissue paper are provided on request. Extra Bed sheets/ blankets are also provided.

En-suite (bath attached) with European style closets, Showers, hot/cold water, dressing mirrors and wardrobes.

Large Solar water heater with backup facility and a large rain water harvesting tank to ensure round the clock supply of warm/ cold water.

All rooms including bathrooms are fully mosquito-proof and are constructed in such a way to provide cross-flow air circulation.

To save energy, low power consuming A/Cs are provided.

Free Internet/ Wi-Fi & Luggage keeping facilities are available.

Facilities for drying of clothes are available for short stay guests.

Adequate Parking facility is available both inside and outside the compound.


We wish to know the details and requirements of our guests before arrival, regarding number of persons, purpose of stay and preferences in type of accommodation, food, sightseeing etc; in order to plan and organize their stay and arrange the rooms accordingly. (Please see the 'Climate & Food'; 'Tariff & Booking; Sightseeing & Testimonials pages for more details.)


We gratefully acknowledge the intercession of Saints & Sages from across the world, who strengthen us with their prayers. Their lives and thoughts inspire us with their humility, spirit of forgiveness, peace, love and goodwill towards all including those who are not happy with the services we provide. (Please see Saints & Events of the Month' page.)

Again during the devastating floods which ravaged Kerala during the middle of August last year, Kochi City, which lies below sea level was miraculously saved and protected by the divine intercession of Mother Mary. She has been doing so ever since its formation dring the great flood of 1341 A. D; that changed the course of river Periyar; whose main arm now flows out into the Vembanad lake and then into the Arabian Sea. (Please see the 'Sightseeing' page.)


Valid passport & visa/ ID proofs are required, to comply with statutory norms. Since thehomestay is a part of our residence, we discourage public smoking, public drinking of alcohol, co-habitation of unmarried couples and all types of indecent behaviour.

Due to limitted staff, Room Service is not available. Guests are requested to co-operate with us in maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and surroundings.


1. From the Cochin International Airport- 35 Kilometers: By car 40 minutes: By Bus 80 minutes.

2. From Ernakulam South Junction Railway Station East entry & Metro Station: 150-200 meters:

3. From Metro Station Kadavanthra: 200 meters.

4. From Vytilla National highway Junction & Mobility Hub: 3 Kms.

5. From K S R T C City Bus stand-500 meters.

6. From Ernakulam North Railway Station- 4 Kms from the East Entry along the Kaloor- Kadavanthra Road.


Opposite New Kadavanthra Market, Market Road: Near Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium; Indira Gandhi Hospital, Central School and Kadavanthra Police Station. The location is available in our site map given above.